Parsons: Your Bartlett Roofing Provider

Do you need commercial roofing solutions in Bartlett, Texas? We’d be glad to help you! High water or strong winds, Parsons builds roofs that stand the test of time. Keep reading to learn about our Bartlett roofing options, what materials we offer, and what makes us the ultimate Texas roofing company.

Our Bartlett Roofing Options

Whatever your Bartlett roofing needs, Parsons can help. From Duro-Last re-roofing to emergency roof repair, we have Bartlett covered!

Duro-Last Installation Over Metal Roofs

Do you own a metal roof but don’t want to pay for the expensive process of removing and replacing it? Consider a metal retrofit roofing system! We can significantly extend the life of your roof by installing this system over it. The best part about this installation is that it doesn’t require a full roof replacement, which cuts down on labor costs, saves time, and helps out your bottom line. Interested in the process? Check out this Duro-Last retrofit example.

Comprehensive School Purchasing Programs

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Texas roofing company more experienced in school roofs. We’ve helped hundreds of school districts install roofs that’ll stand the test of time, and we’re happy to do the same for you. If you operate an educational facility and have Bartlett roofing needs, Parsons is here to assist you!

Schools have complicated financing needs. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the state’s finest school purchasing programs, like the TexBuy Purchasing Cooperative and TIPS. Click here to check out some of the work we’ve done for Texas schools.

Emergency Roof Repair

Severe weather could strike at any moment and leave your roof seriously damaged. You need to know who to call when your business is impacted. Parsons employs a 24/7 repair crew that’s always on call and ready for your emergency Bartlett roofing needs. Never let a leak go unaddressed. An unchecked leak could eventually damage your business’s ceiling, walls, and foundation.

Everything we do at Parsons is full service, which means we have a crew of insurance experts who can help you through the insurance process. Have emergency Bartlett roofing needs? Contact us.

Our Bartlett Roofing Materials


Duro-Last is a modern roofing formulation that combines leading materials and techniques to create the most durable, energy-efficient roof available. Duro-Last was created in 1978 and has been one of Texas’s primary commercial roofing choices ever since. If your primary concern is function, you can’t find a roof more functional than Duro-Last. It’s weather resistant and has kept millions of businesses protected for decades.


Metal roofs can last decades when well-cared for and are a popular choice for businesses concerned with visual appeal. If you’re looking to present a professional image for your business or you just need an especially sturdy roof, metal roofing may be for you.

Turn to Parsons for Your Bartlett Roofing Needs

Need a commercial roofing contractor near you? Parsons is the best commercial roofing company in Texas, and we’re proud to serve Bartlett. All of our Bartlett roofing options are backed by an expert team of installers. For a roof that lasts, call us at 877-881-1733 or contact us here. We look forward to helping you!