15 Year Testimony

We have used Parsons Roofing and Duro-Last for years. Our first roof was installed over 15 years ago and has served as the most reliable and dependable roof we have ever used. The roof not only eliminated our leaks but also helped us cut down on our energy usage tremendously. Our experience with Parsons and Duro-Last was so good that we have kept them as our sole roofing provider. I know that anytime we have a roofing issue Parsons will be there to make sure we are taken care of quickly. I recommend Parsons and Duro-Last to anyone who has a roofing need that they need handled.

Rusty WooleyMaintenance Supervisor - Waco ISDParsons Roofing Waco ISD

15 Year Testimony

Parsons Roofing installed a new Duro-Last Roof on our building over 15 years ago. The roof has been everything Parsons told us it would be. It has taken the worry of having leaks in our workplace away and cut down on our electricity bill as well. Parsons is a family-owned business like ours and has been exceptional to work with. Their staff walked us through the process and addressed all of our concerns in a courteous and professional manner. They told us what the roof was going to cost and did not change the price in the middle of the process. We chose to go with Parsons because of their reputation and have been very pleased with our decision. If we ever need roofing help in the future Parsons has definitely earned our business.

Jim BowenOwner - Bowen Electric

15 Year Testimony

Parsons installed a Duro-Last roof on our school over 15 years ago. Over the past 8 years that I have been here, there have been a few leaks that were rectified immediately when we called. When we had the need to re-roof our administration and library addition, we chose Parsons and Duro-Last without a second thought, and have not had a single problem in the 6 years we have had the new roof. On top of the quality product, the service after sale has been outstanding. I highly recommend Parsons Roofing.

Kent ReynoldsSuperintendent - Hallsburg ISD

15 Year Testimony

After a lot of research on selecting a roofing company we chose Parsons Commercial Roofing. We were impressed most by their reputation. What places them above others in the business is their integrity and determination to do all they can to satisfy their clients. Fifteen years ago they installed a Duro-Last roof on one of our buildings. It eliminated our leaks and also helped with cooling the units. I live on property and can testify to the difference it has made. I am pleased to say we are staying very cool and leak free. We appreciate the high quality of professional service they have provided.

Sharon DeskinsGlen Oaks Apartments

We were one of the first ones in Waco to use the Duro-Last Roof System and now we have it on all of our schools except for one. It is an excellent product. We have never had a due to material failure. Parsons Roofing always responds immediately to any concerns we have. I am overall satisfied with the 10 year old Duro-Last roof.

Don TaylorMidway ISDView in Portfolio

I’ve used several different roofing companies in the area, and I’ve decided to go with Parsons Roofing. When I need them, I can count on them to be here and I can count on their quality of work. The Duro-Last product is excellent. We’ve been using Duro-Last for the past 10 years now.


Ron HarrisFairfield ISD

We have not had any problems since we put the Duro-Last roof on 10 years ago. Before the roof was put on we had constant complaints about the units not staying cool and after we had the roof put on, the residents were extremely satisfied. We had leaks before we put the Duro-Last roof on and we have not had a single leak since we put the roof on. Since I live here, I can honestly say that the roof has drastically changed the cooling in the apartments.


Sharon DeskinsBaytonian Apartments

On May 6, 2006, we faced the daunting task of dealing with severe weather damage to our Mars Drive and Jewell Drive locations. After the storm our number one priority was to the facilities back in order as quickly as possible! I am pleased to say that Parsons Roofing, along with the effort of your employees working with us made that happen. This was quite an accomplishment considering the number of people involved and variety of tasks at hand.
We have had a long-standing relationship with many of the Parsons Roofing employees, building loyalty through our almost 30 years in the Waco community. We value these relationships and appreciate being able to call on Parsons Roofing for help trusting that they will do their best for us. The work that you did during the storm recovery was outstanding. Thank you for being the silver lining in our black cloud.


Debbie Irwin Vice President of Operations, Romark Logistics Inc.

We originally had a built up gravel roof and we always had problems with it. I talked to Stuart Parsons about my roof problem and talked me into using the Duro-Last product by assuring me I would not have any problems with it and I have not had a problem with the roof since then. I had a fire on my ceiling and I thought it would surely damage the roof but it did not do so. I have been extremely satisfied with Parsons Roofing throughout these past 10 years.

Jim BowenOwnerBowen Electric

The roof is holding up well. The main thing I like about the roof is that standing water does not hurt it. We have a flat roof and the standing water does not seem to bother this Duro-Last roof. If we do have a problem, Parsons come right out and take care of it right away. We have not had any problems with the roof but just a minor problem with the seams but it was taken care of right away. As far as Parsons Roofing, they are real courteous. They are easy to talk to and are always eager to get us taken care of.

Troy TruckerSmead Manufacturing

We’ve had no leaks and no problems. This roof has served us well and probably helped us sell the building. We’ve been completely satisfied with our 10 year old roof.

Ken KubalaCity of West

We’ve only owned the playhouse for a year now and we’ve haven’t had any problems with it and the previous owners said that they didn’t have any problems with the roof neither. I’m overall satisfied with the Duro-Last product and with Parsons Roofing. The 10 year old roof is still holding up very well.

Rusty WooleyWaco ISD Playhouse

We haven’t had any problems throughout these 10 years with the roof. I am satisfied with the Duro-Last product and with the services of Parsons Roofing.

Darren CallawayTexas Farm Bureau
Chet BargerBarger All Sports

I began to notice the differences in Oak Express and in our store by walking in there and it would always be at least 10 degrees cooler than in our building (Sofa Mart).Yes, I would recommend Parsons product.

Tye StandfordSales(Sofa Mart)

We have used Parsons Roofing on several of our buildings in the past and have been satisfied with their workmanship and their promptness in resolving any problems. They have had excellent service when any problems have arisen.

Ken PostonNational Bank, Gatesville

Parsons Roofing was awarded our maintenance contract in 2004. They are currently doing two new roofs for our district. They have done a great job. They respond quickly to emergency calls! I would recommend them to anyone.

Rusty WooleyWaco ISD Maintenance Dept.

Parsons Roofing has done several roofs for JWC Commercial. I am pleased with their quality or work and their dependability. They do a very good job. We have had no problems.

Jim WrightOwner JWC Commercial

My entire experience with Parsons Roofing has been very positive and professional from the initial contact and estimate to the completed project. Thanks again for the outstanding service your company has provided to us. Your company really stands out in regards to customer service and care.

Tim FedroMethodist Home Waco

Parsons Roofing stands behind their work. They are dependable and there when we need them. They do a really great job and are great people to work with.

Sharon GoffMcGregor I.S.D.

Parsons Roofing has done a great job. Before they replaced our roof we had several leaks. Since they have replaced the roof, we haven’t had a leak. They respond quickly to calls for repairs. We were very satisfied with their repairs also.

Mike MayfieldBartlett I.S.D.

Parsons Roofing did an excellent job. We barely knew they were on the roof. We were very pleased with the job they did. We appreciated them adhering to our no-smoking policy. They did an all around great job!

Bruce FrazierKings Daughters ClinicView in Portfolio

We were really pleased with the roof Parsons Roofing installed. We have had no problems with the Duro-Last roof. The crew did a great job in a timely fashion. They did things when they said they would and completed the job on time.

David Long Construction Manager, Navarro College

Parsons Roofing has done 5 roofs for me in the past three years. The bottom line is the roof doesn’t leak! Parsons Roofing stands behind their work.

James HaysVice-President of Operations, Wendy’s Restaurants

We have had a lot of problems with the flat roofs on some of our elementary schools. We tried to do repairs, but nothing worked. Since Parsons Roofing installed the Duro-Last Roof on there, we have had no problems. The installation time was fast and did not disrupt our school schedules in any way. We plan to use Parsons Roofing in the future!

Gary HerbertInterim Superintendent, Bruceville-Eddy ISD

Parsons roofing installed a Duro-Last roof on our church – Grace Presbyterian in Temple – the fall of 2005. They did an excellent job, and we are pleased with the product. We would use Parsons Roofing and Duro-Last again without question.

Ann WeirGrace Presbyterian Church

We have had excellent service and we have been very pleased with the roofs that Parsons Roofing has put on for our clients.

David Barr David Barr Properties

I think it is a wonderful product. The product is good and the service is excellent.

Lewis Lidey Kings Daughters Clinic

I have inspected the roof and it looks fabulous. I can already tell that the building is easier to cool because of the Duro-Last roof that you installed. Thank you!

W.C. "Chip" Perryman, IIIPerryman LaRue Building, Inc.

I think Duro-Last is a great product. It’s a full-proof product because all the materials come straight from the Duro-Last Factory (prefabricated) and the factory does the final inspection and approval for the installation and quality of the roof. You can’t get a 15 year warranty with any other roof. Parsons service is great! They do quality work in a timely manner.

Perish RowlandShaw-Beneco,Contract Manager,Ft. Hood, Texas

The thing I like most about Parsons Roofing is I know I can pick up the phone at any time and within an hour, they’re here to respond to our call. If it is in regards to something to do with Parsons Roofing, it is corrected immediately. But 95% of the time, it has something to do with another aspect of the building. I believe Duro-Last is one of the best, most reliable products that we have available today.

Patty Cullum Contract Manager,MCC Construction-Ft. Hood

Mr. Parsons,
I am writing to express my satisfaction with your company’s product and the high quality workmanship with which it is installed. Recently you completed a roof for us on building 7019 at Ft. Hood Texas. I found your employees to be courteous and professional. They started and completed the project on time and were always conscience of their safety and that of those around them. I believe that the Duro-Last product is a convienent and economical solution to many of the most common roofing problems at Ft. Hood. I would recommend it to our clients.

Ron GarnerContract Manager, MIC/CCS Fort Hood

Parsons Roofing has provided Actus Lend Lease and Fort Hood Family Housing with a cost effective solution (Duro-Last Roofing) for roof replacements on several styles of residential housing units (including low slope roofs, gravel and foam roofing, and Homosote roofs). The Duro-Last Roof installations have been quick and clean, and the projected roof life is longer than any of our other roofing materials. We have been very pleased with the installation and anticipate that the Duro-Last Roofing will address our problem associated with residential roof slopes of less than 3 and 12 and homosote roof construction.

Mack Quinney, AIAProject Director Fort Hood Family Housing

We bid our roof out and we went with Parsons Roofing. We’ve had a few leaks since the roof was put on but Parsons was real responsive in getting it taken care of. I like dealing with Parsons because they are very professional people and they always leave the job site clean. I think the Duro-System is a good product. I would recommend Parsons any day.

Tom TaylorSpur ISD

We went out for bids and Parsons Roofing was the one who got our job. They were highly recommended by our engineer/architect, Grimes & Associates. We are overall satisfied with our roof. We haven’t had any problems so far. The workmanship was very good. They cam in, did a good job, and made sure the job site was clean when they finished. I would definitely recommend Parsons Roofing.

Dwayne Chenault Anton ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because of their reputation here in town. I am satisfied with my roof and i have not had any leaks so far. Their workmanship is excellent! They cam in, worked around us, and quickly got the job done. They did a very good job on the cleanup; however, they kept it clean while they were working on the roof too, which I appreciated. I think the Duro-Last system is a great product. I have already recommended Parsons Roofing.

Albert ArmerWortham ISD

We chose Parsons Roofing because of the guarantee they had on their roofs. Our roof is doing very good. We haven’t had any leaks. We are in a high wind area and we haven’t had any problems with our roof at all. However, with our other roof, we had lots of problems due to wind. The performance of Parsons is outstanding! They did an excellent job at cleaning up afterwords. I wish I could say that for the other guys. I would like to get Duro-Last on all my roofs. I have already recommended Parsons, as a matter of fact, I took a brochure to Gilmer ISD last week.

David RusselUnion Hill Kindergarden

The architects recommended Parsons and said they would have the lowest bid for their product. We have been very satisfied with our roof. We haven’t had any problems. They have a great workmanship. Overall, we have been very satisified with the Duro-Last product and we wouldn’t mind putting more on. I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Mr. Baty Knox City CISD

We had comments from other sources that said Parsons Roofing does an excellent job on putting on roofs and following up on them. Our roof is doing excellent. We haven’t had any leaks since we put it on. We noticed that we had twenty-eight leaks prior to our new roof, which led to us replacing all of our pipes. Parsons had an outstanding workmanship. I would most definitely recommend Parsons Roofing.

Dr. Sid PruittEvant ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because I didn’t want to use any of the local people around here and I’ve seen the work that Parsons had already done on our school and I thought they did a great job. Our roof is doing great so far and it looks very good. I’m real happy with our roof and it hasn’t had any leaks. Parsons workmanship is excellent. I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Tom WylieTrinity ISD

Hello my name is Jeffrey Foley, I am a police officer at Hewitt Police Department. Today I was at work taking care of some things and when I went to leave work I noticed black spots all over the front of my 2004 Ford F-150. As soon as i noticed this Roy Castillo, one of your employees, promptly found me and took me to a car wash to attempt to fix the problem. When we could not get all of the spots off of my truck, Mr. Castillo took me to the Genie car wash in Hewitt to have my truck fully detailed.

I wanted to write and thank you, Mr. Castillo and your company for promptly taking care of the problem and having my vehicle repaired. I live in an apartment and currently have no need for your company’s services, however if at anytime in the future I hear of someone needing roofing services I will most definitely send them your way. it is my belief that any company that is willing to take responsibility for this type of situation as quickly as Parsons Roofing did with me today, then they are defiantly a great company to use.

Jennifer thank you again for the prompt repairs to my vehicle and please let Mr. Castillo know that I truly appreciate his help today.

Jeffrey Foley Hewitt Police Department.

I originally had Duro-Last on my roofs and when it came time to do repairs, Parsons Roofing had the cheapest bid. My roof is doing fantastic! When I had a leak, they were out here the next day to fix it. The workers did a good job; they left the job site spotless! I will definitely be calling Parsons Roofing when we get some more money to get Duro-Last on the rest of our buildings.

Roland FlinnSomerville ISD

We took price quotes and Parsons Roofing was the best one. We are fully satisfied with our roof and we haven’t had any problems with it. The workers were very courteous when they were here working. We have already recommended Parsons Roofing.

Barbara SkipperSabinal ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because of their prices. They got here, did the work fast and efficiently, and cleaned up well. I am overall satisfied with our roof. I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Frank Dodson Jr.Pleasanton ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because they are on the BuyBoard, which makes it easier, and their reputation. I am satisfied with our roofs. They have an excellent workmanship. I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Shawn HowardWest ISD

Yes, I’m satisfied. Parsons did a good job for us and the Duro-Last system is working really well for us.

BryanWhitney I.S.D.

I am very satisfied with the roofs Parsons has done for us and we have not had any problems.

Sid Ross McLennan Community College

We’re satisfied with the work. Parsons does a great job and they do what they say they are going to do. I am very pleased.

Lynn RobertsLa Vega I.S.D.

Parsons Roofing put on a great roof for us. Their service is great and I can count on them when I need them. The Duro-Last roof is amazing and I recommend it to anyone. I am very satisfied with the work that Parsons does and the roof they put on.

Mr. GonzalesSt. Louis Catholic School

We chose Parsons Roofing because we were interested in doing Duro-Last, and kept seeing Parsons advertisements. It was also real important to us that Parsons was on BuyBoard. We have had a couple of leaks, however Parsons was great and real responsive and in a quick manner. Their workmanship was very good with keeping the job site clean and no disruption. We have already recommended Parsons to others, and by all means would still do so.

Bob Roberts Killeen ISD

Parsons had done several jobs for us and the roofs are performing well. I originally chose Parsons Roofing because of their pricing and their performance brought them back. We had Parsons do roof repairs for us on roofs that other contractors had put on and since then, we haven’t had any leaks. The Duro-Last product is one of the better single- ply roofs out there. I always recommended Parsons Roofing.

Royce ThomasCollege Station ISD

We are satisfied with our roofs; we haven’t had any leaks. They have a great workmanship. I will recommend Parsons Roofing in the future.

Katie RyanRogers ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because the quality of their work is good and they are very competitive with their prices. We are satisfied with our roofs; we haven’t had any leaks since they completed the job. They were as good as they could be to make us satisfied. Parsons Roofing is by far one of the best contractors I have worked with. This is the first time we’ve used Duro-Last and we would like to use it again on our future projects. The whole Tindle family was extremely helpful and I appreciate everything they did for me. I would highly recommend Parsons Roofing.

Sidney HarristAtlanta ISD

I ended up choosing Parsons Roofing because of their cost, reputation, and the great references I received for them. I am very satisfied with our Duro-Last roof and the warranty. Parsons gave us a great installation and follow up. I really liked the guy who was in charge of putting our roof on. We haven’t had any leaks thus far. I will most definitely recommend Parsons Roofing.

Bob ScuffDaingerfield-Lone Star

One of the Parsons salesmen came over to talk to us about our roof and their services and they won us over. I am satisfied with our roof. We had a few leaks since they put the roof on but they were real responsive and fixed the matter quickly. As far as their workmanship, all I have to say is that they are excellent. I like the Duro-Last product. Yes, I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Jimmy SmithMexia ISD

We had a couple of people come out here to look at our Duro-Last Roof and Parsons was more professional, nice, and polite. We’ve had a few leaks since our roof was put on but Parsons came back in a timely matter to fix them. The workers were all friendly and professional. I especially like Ricky, the Superintendent at Parsons because he was really nice and checked up on things to make sure everything was going well. I’ve seen our school on the Parsons brochure and I was pleased about how nice our school looked!

Mildred BudroWest Hardin ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because of the product and roofing materials they used. I also think Parsons is a very reputable company. We have had a couple of problems with our roof and they were timely about getting out and fixing those problems I thought their workmanship was very good. When the job was completed, they did an excellent job cleaning up. I would recommend Parsons Roofing to anyone!

Jim OwensBlooming Grove ISD

We went out for a bid and we interviewed 3-4 different people who do the same kind of roof as Parsons Roofing. We chose Parsons Roofing because they gave us the best warranty and price. However, the warranty is what won us over. We ended up having a leak during a rain storm but Parsons responded quickly to our needs. They cam in, paid for the damages, and were very prompt. They installed our roof while we were in school and the kids didn’t even know they were on our roofs. Parsons kept the work site very clean. They cam in, got the job done, and left quickly. I would absolutely recommend Parsons Roofing to anybody!

Cathy NicholsCenterville ISD

Parsons Roofing put roofs on for me back when I was at Trinity ISD. I knew that they were good reliable roofs so I had them put them on for me here. They were also on BuyBoard which makes it even better. We haven’t had any problems from our roofs. Parsons Roofing is easy to work with, reliable, and they respond fast. I would recommend Parsons Roofing.

Douglas MooreOakwood ISD

The reasons why we chose Parsons Roofing were because of their reputation, they are BuyBoard vendors, and the services they provide. If I ever need their services, they respond within a day or so. Their response time and quality of performance have been great. The workers did a VERY good job on both of our roofs. I would definitely recommend Parsons Roofing and we always provide them with a good reference.

Berry ClemensFlorence High School

We love Parsons Roofing and the Duro-Last Roof. The services were excellent and when we had a problem they came back and solved the problem. I would recommend Parsons Roofing to anyone and I already have to many people.

AlanMaintenance Director, Crane ISD

I chose Parsons Roofing because my friends from other school districts use them and they have not had any problems with their roofs. I am very satisfied with my roofs. We had a leak, not sure if it was AC related or not because I was not here, but they came out immediately to fix it. Parsons is very professional, as a matter of fact; I never even knew they were here. All the workers were very friendly and kept me updated and posted on everything. It was really good to work with Parsons Roofing

Bert MadduxClifton ISD

Dick Talacheet, a roofing consultant, recommended that I use Parsons Roofing. I am very impressed with our roof; everything is up to par. We have not had any leaks and we are pleased with the quality of our roof and their workmanship. We would definitely recommend Parsons Roofing and use the Duro-Last product again.

Bobby HenrichsenBlinn College

Parsons Roofing provided us very competitive pricing compared to other major national roofing companies. Their planning and insulation of the Duro-Last product was very expedient and clean. Their staff was very friendly and accommodating. I would certainly recommend Parsons Roofing and the Duro-Last roofing system.

Joel Cruz Harlingen ISD

When our three church campuses were damaged by Hurricane Ike, we were devastated. The storm compromised the roofing systems at all of our locations and we were in desperate need of a roofing company that could handle our needs. After the storm, we were approached by a number of roofing companies that were suggesting options that were not good for the church. Many offered incentives that were outright insurance fraud.

Parsons Roofing presented a different perspective on how to address the damages we had sustained to our roofs. They were honest and thorough in their approach. We were most impressed with their Durolast product and their attention to our needs.

Our roofs look superb! The quality of their work and their expeditious response time was impressive! They completed both shingle and membrane installations for the church. They were fast, clean, and extremely efficient with a keen eye for details. Not only did they provide us with the most reasonable price but superior service and an outstanding finished product.

Stuart Parsons really operates a top notch company! Phil Gustafson and Craig Tindle were responsive to our needs above and beyond. We were also happy to welcome Parson’s Roofing as a proud sponsor of our 2008 Epiphany Benefit Concert!

George AndersonCOO The Fountain of Praise

We recommended that the owner upgrade to Duro-Last and to use Parsons Roofing. The roof is performing adequately. Parsons did their job in a workman like manner and they kept the site clean. I will continue to recommend Parsons Roofing.

Herb CrossOwner of CWA Construction

I was very impressed with how Parsons Roofing rolled onto our site two days after Hurricane Ike hit and with the amount of personnel and equipment they had. Ike affected our business in a very negative way. Our business was shut down for seven days. Parsons on the other hand, affected our company in a positive manner. They installed roofs on three of our buildings quicker than I would have ever expected any roofing company to do. Their response time was extremely fast. Parsons Roofing is very professional, friendly, and responded quickly to our needs. I am very satisfied with their pace of work. My architect and insurance adjuster are very pleased with our roofs as well. It has been a very positive experience so far. They turned a negative situation into a positive one. I wouldn’t hesitate to call or recommend Parsons Roofing in the future.

Bill LyonsGlazers

We have used Parsons Roofing on several of our buildings in the past and have been satisfied with their workmanship and their promptness in resolving any problems. They have had excellent service when any problems have arisen.

Gatesville National Bank

We chose Parsons Roofing because we had seen an advertisement for duro-last and wanted to try it. We have not had any leaks so far. Parsons did everything just as we asked them too, and they kept the job site clean while doing so. We have already recommended Parsons to others, and would still continue to do so.

Ed BradfordBush’s Chicken

Parsons Roofing did an excellent job. We barely knew they were on the roof. We were very pleased with the job they did. We appreciated them adhering to our no-smoking policy. They did an all around great job!

King’s Daughters Clinic

Dear Bob,

As you know, West Hardin CCISD has had serious roofing issues in the past. When I became Superintendent several years ago and became aware of the problems, I immediately took action and began looking at various vendors that could take care of our needs. Parsons’ Roofing took the lead among all the vendors I contacted. The Dura-Last roofs that have been installed by your crew have been of the highest quality and surpassed our expectations.

Last fall when Hurricane Ike caused millions of dollars in damage to West Hardin property, the roofs installed by Parsons’ held up extremely well. For the most part, only minor repairs were needed to get them back to a high performance level. The crew even discovered an installation mistake that was made during the initial installation and repaired it at no charge.

West Hardin is a small district with aging facilities and limited finances. It is such a pleasure working with a vendor of such high standards that provides a quality product that requires little maintenance. I look forward to our continued working relationship when our facilities are in need of improvements.


Sharon B. Tule

Sharon B. TuleWest Hardin ISD Superintendent

Parsons Roofing is very professional. We definitely like the Duro-Last roof system. We will absolutely use Parsons Roofing for our future needs.

Makayla Baarbee ‘09

Makayla BaarbeeBar B Plumbing

We have been using Parsons Roofing for all of our repair work on our strip centers. Parsons always does such an amazing job that we plan on using them and the Duro-Last product to completely reroof our shopping centers.

Paula RamseyRidgewood Village Shopping Center and Center Point Shopping Center

We are very satisfied with Parsons Roofing. Duro-Last is exactly what we were looking for economically and we knew it would do a great job over the gym. Our high school is next to be reroofed and we plan on using Parsons Roofing again because of the quality of product and customer satisfaction that they offer.

Tom CantrellAnadarko Public Schools Superintendent ‘09

Parsons Roofing was recommended to us as a Duro-Last Contractor. Duro-Last completely stopped our leaks and Parsons will be the way we go for all of our older roofs with leak problems.

Karl Pindall Fruitvale ISD

Everything has been great with our Duro-Last roof. We have experienced zero problems and look forward to seeing energy savings in our utility bills.

Chad HanceAmber-Pocasset Public School

Everything went well with the project and it was finished in a timely manner. How could I not be satisfied with Parsons Roofing?

Ian MarksburyGlazers-Midland

Parsons did an overall good job. The crew was in and out and we are satisfied with our roof.

Dave WatsonConcho Valley Electric

I think Parsons did an excellent job and we haven’t had any leaks after the recent rain. As a matter of fact, we will be calling Parsons back to get them to reroof another building. We are very pleased!

Larry HannaWard County

I haven’t had any problems, and Parsons is about to do another job for me. I am very satisfied.

Waylon Adult Probation

I was completely satisfied with our project

Dan HendersonUncle Dans BBQ

To this point I’m ecstatic with it!

William HickmanCity of Temple-Bldg 1&2

I’m really satisfied with yalls roof and I like it a lot better than the foam roofs that we had on. I would like to add more Duro-Last to our buildings here in the future.

Roy Tindle Connally High School

They did a very nice job. Craig did a very good job bringing in the crew. Ellis was very good on the grounds, his crew was very efficient. They had everything organized, in a very timely manner. They finished like they said they would, they had some delays because of the weather but finished right through it. Everything was cleaned up better than before. Overall, Parsons did a phenomenal job and I’m very pleased with how everything turned out. I would like you to pat both Craig and Ellis on the back for their outstanding performance.

Jay WalkerIra ISD-Main Campus

We haven’t had any leaks or any problems with our roof. Parsons did a great job when they were here and we are happy with our roof

Johnny Lewis Excelsior ISD- Gym

We haven’t had any leaks on our roofs. We like Parsons, they do a great job.

SteveCentral Texas Corrugated

I haven’t had any problems; the roof is everything we hoped it would be. The job went smoothly and the guys did what they said they would do as far as installation goes and they cleaned up when they got through. We are overall satisfied with our roof and the performance.

Steve Marshall Bags, Inc.

Roofing was an economical but quality fix for our gymnasium. They were neat and easy to work with plus very professional.

Mike Maddox Canute Schools

I think Parsons Roofing is more professional than their competitors. I like how Parsons conducted themselves versus their competitors; they did not try to push me into anything I did not want to do. The superintendent and crew members were the most professional I have ever seen a company be. Parsons Roofing is beyond friendly and helpful and I loved working with them. Our roof looks great; it was up in a day and I have not had any problems with it. There was no disruption with my business, they did an excellent job and I am very happy with Parsons Roofing and the roof they installed for me.

Frank DiMuccio Cove Feed and Seed

Parsons Roofing has completed two School projects for GroundFORCE Building Systems and we have been very pleased with their work and performance. They have been most cooperative and helpful in handling scheduling and construction issues that arise. We will not hesitate to use them in the future and can highly recommend them. Most important of all is that there have been no roof leaks!

Weldon JordanGround FORCE Construction

Our company manages a lot of property ranging from apartment buildings, houses, and duplexes.

We have used many roofing companies to do repairs. This past year, we used Parson’s to replace the roof on 2 apartment buildings and we were very pleased with the workmanship and product that was used. We will continue to use Parson’s and recommend them to anyone in need of roof replacement or repairs.

Trini CarbajalCarbajal Realty, Inc.