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Stuart Parsons - Parsons Roofing

Stuart Parsons, Jr.
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At Parsons Roofing our mission is to provide exceptional quality workmanship, implement responsible business practices and show genuine concern for the long term goals of our customers and our team.

We believe that a “roof is only as good as the company putting it on” and to do that you need the best employees, and I believe we have the best in the industry. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our team.

Parsons Roofing Sales Team

Chris Parsons - Parsons Roofing

Christopher Parsons

Roger Parsons

Jeff Stain - Parsons Roofing

Jeff Strain

Zach Cross - Parsons Roofing

Zach Cross

Trey Parsons - Parsons Roofing

Trey Parsons

Rodney Castilleja - Parsons Roofing

Rodney Castilleja

Craig Tindle

Craig Tindle

Jalen Garza

Jalen Garza

Jerome Smith

Jerome Smith
Roof Consultant

Office Team

Ken Wells - Parsons Roofing

Ken Wells
General Manager

Zach Bilotto - Parsons Roofing

Zack Bilotto
Project Manager

Aame Lindsay - Parsons Roofing

Aame Lindsay
Since 1999

Dawn Williams - Parsons Roofing

Dawn Williams

Jackie Wells - Parsons Roofing

Jackie Wells
Human Resources

Nicole Samford

Nicole Samford
Accounts Payable

Ashley Darling

Ashley Darling
Sales Manager

Ashley Parsons

Ashely Parsons
Sales Support

Jenny Parsons - Parsons Roofing

Jenny Parsons
Sales Support

Victoria Parsons
Sales Support

Laynie Terral - Parsons Roofing

Laynie Terral
Project Coordinator

James Dutschmann - Parsons Roofing

James Dutschmann
Insurance Project Manager

Sara Steward

Sara Steward
Graphic Designer

Field Team

Ennis Degrate - Parsons Roofing

Ennis Degrate
Safety Director
Since 1961

Andy Parsons - Parsons Roofing

Andy Parsons
Since 1970

Wallace Lampkins - Parsons Roofing

Wallace Lampkin
Since 1971

Felipe Barrientos - Parsons Roofing

Felipe Barrientos
Since 1982

Roy Castillo

Roy Castillo
Repair Foreman
Since 1994

Ellis Cunningham - Parsons Roofing

Ellis Cunningham

Brian Tindle - Parsons Roofing

Brian Tindle

Mikki Roberts - Parsons Roofing

Mikki Roberts
Head Estimator
Since 1976

Randy Laningham - Parsons Roofing

Randy Laningham
Since 1998

Tim Jarvis - Parsons Roofing

Tim Jarvis
Project Manager

Gregory Barrientos - Parsons Roofing

Gregory Barrientos
Sheetmetal Shop Manager
Since 1993