Metal Retrofit Roofing Systems

If you want to save money on a new metal roof, our metal retrofit service is ideal. Complete roof removal and installation are much more expensive. We want to help you save money while receiving the best roofing services. We bring your old, failing metal roof back to life so it can continue protecting the people in your building.

Duro-Last Over Metal Roof

We install reliable Duro-Last material over metal roofs for:

  • Less seam and fastener issues
  • Reduced number of cracks and leaks
  • No rust and corrosion

Did you know… A new Duro-Last roof can reduce energy consumption and save you money? Check out these Case Studies.

Metal Over Existing Metal Roof

  • Metal Retro Fit - Parsons Roofing


  • “R” Panel
    “R” Panel
  • Standing Seam
    Standing Seam
  • *Standing Seam
    “R” Panel
*Installation of a Standing Seam Over “R” Panel metal retrofit roof can extend your warranty by 20 years.

Not only does metal roofing look great, but it also:

  • Increases fire-resistance
  • Lasts longer than regular roofing
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Precision punched notches act as continuous template

We use the existing metal roof for maximum efficiency and attach the new panels to the old ones. This metal roof overlay system transfers the roof’s weight onto the new structure and creates a strong base for your metal roof. Learn more about Metal Roofing.


  • Cost Savings

    Metal retrofit roofs provide significant cost savings because you avoid the high price of old roof removal. Your new retrofitting goes right over your old materials, which saves you time and money. With our retrofitting service, you save up to 70% on labor costs. Plus, retrofits improve your building’s energy efficiency, which cuts your energy costs, too!

  • Higher Productivity

    Our roofs are built to last, so your building experiences fewer leaks and improved ventilation. Less roof damage means higher productivity within your building. Parsons’ metal retrofit roofs protect your business from possible weather damage interruptions, and our quick leak repairs have us in and out in no time.

  • Increased Insulation

    Increase your R-value with added insulation. Your building must maintain a specific R-value level of insulation to keep your employees and students comfortable. Higher R-value increases energy efficiency and decreases heating and cooling costs. With more insulation, you utilize your heating and cooling less and save money over time.

  • Custom Flashing

    Need a custom flashing piece for your metal retrofit roof? We do that, too! We manufacture custom flashing for complex commercial roofs, so every inch of your roof stays protected and in good condition.

Want To Get Started?

Parsons metal retrofit roofing service helps you save on energy and labor, What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.