Centerville Roofing That Meets Your Needs

If you are in Centerville, Texas looking for a durable and long lasting solution for your commercial roofing needs, you can rely on Parsons. Our quick and dependable roofing solutions will keep your business running at its full potential.

Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last is a thermoplastic formulation that is a combination of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants, and U.V. absorbers. Basically, Duro-Last is the ultimate commercial roofing solution. Used since 1978, Duro-Last is tough, efficient, and long lasting. What makes Duro-Last especially unique is its reflectivity—Duro-Last reflects 88% of solar rays! This reflectivity saves our clients an average of 35% on energy costs and keeps their buildings comfortable and cool.

Duro-Last is an incredibly popular roofing solution used across North America. Parsons is the #1 Duro-Last installer in the world—you won’t find a more experienced Duro-Last installer than us.

Metal Roofing

If your commercial building is looking for a roof that is long lasting with minimal maintenance and repairs, then explore our metal roofing. While our metal roofs may not have the efficiency benefits of Duro-Last, they last have an extremely long lifespan when well cared for. Installing a metal roof also saves on labor costs—removal of your existing roof is unnecessary!

Emergency Roof Repair

Has your business’s roof been impacted by severe weather? We’re experienced in repairing roofs from any type of damage, including:

  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane

Whatever the damage, our emergency crew is ready 24/7 to get your business back in its best shape. No issue is too intense for us to handle. Worried about insurance? Our roof insurance specialists will guide you through the entire process.

 What Customers Say About Us.

We went out for a bid and we interviewed 3-4 different people who do the same kind of roof as Parsons Roofing. We chose Parsons Roofing because they gave us the best warranty and price. However, the warranty is what won us over. We ended up having a leak during a rain storm but Parsons responded quickly to our needs. They came in, paid for the damages, and were very prompt. They installed our roof while we were in school and the kids didn’t even know they were on our roofs. Parsons kept the work site very clean. They came in, got the job done, and left quickly. I would absolutely recommend Parsons Roofing to anybody!

Your Preferred Centerville Roofers.

You know that finding the right roofer in Centerville can be difficult. You need a roofing contractor that provides you with a roof that lasts. That’s where we can help. With our expertise, we can handle any Centerville roofing job that you throw at us. Whether the weather destroys your roof or just need a new one, give us a call.