Looking for Roofing in Temple, TX?

Whether you need commercial re-roofing or are interested in preventative maintenance, Parsons Roofing can help—built on more than 70 years of experience across Texas.

Choose High-Quality Temple Roofing Options

Parsons offers high-quality roofing options for commercial roofing in Temple, TX. Our collective experience has made us experts with the following materials:

Duro-Last Roofing for Temple, TX

A roofing option with excellent insulation, Duro-Last membranes have a white finish that gives your property the most energy-efficient roof possible. Each Duro-Last membrane is custom measured for your facility, making it a perfect fit with a seamless installation process. Duro-Last has no shortage of benefits—it saves on energy costs and has a proprietary formula that makes it extremely durable. Best of all, Duro-Last helps keep your building cool, something all businesses in central Texas can benefit from. A Duro-Last roof installation from Parsons is an excellent choice for any business owner looking for a tough roof that lasts.

Metal Roofing for Temple, TX

Metal roofs are another popular choice for commercial properties in Temple, TX—business owners are often surprised by how much they enhance their property’s presentation. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, metal roofs are tough, too, often lasting for decades. Metal roofs are convenient for building owners because you can forgo repair or replacement of your old roof. Our installation process has us simply cover your existing roof, which helps save on labor costs

How To Select a Roofing Company in Temple, TX

Are you a commercial property owner looking for roofing in Temple, TX? If so, it’s important to have reliable roofing services at your disposal. The right partner will keep your roof in great shape by providing skilled labor and excellent materials—turn to Parsons for both.

We stand apart from other roofing contractors in Temple, TX Parsons has over 70 years of roofing industry experience. Family-owned and operated, we have a strong passion for roofing that’s reflected in the quality of our work. Our experts handle everything from roofing in Temple, TX to emergency repair in Killeen.

What Parsons Roofing Offers

Parsons offers more than roof installation for Temple, TX:

Roof Repair in Temple

We offer commercial roof repair for Temple as well. These repairs are for when your roof has simply aged or some kind of accident has caused it to be slightly damaged. Whatever the case, we have a reinforcement crew ready to get your business operational.

Emergency Services

In the case of more severe damage, we have a 24/7 crew prepared to address damage associated with severe weather. Unlike other roofing companies in Temple, TX, we mobilize quickly and assist in the insurance process.

Insurance Assistance

Nobody likes dealing with insurance. We could take it off your hands at Parsons. We have a team of roofing insurance specialists that are ready to handle all insurance issues. We deal with insurance so you don’t have to.

Choose Parsons Roofing in Temple TX

Are you looking for commercial roofing in Temple, TX? Consider Parsons Roofing your go-to roofing service. We hold each of our projects to the highest standard, providing you a result you’ll love. Get in touch with us by calling 877-881-1733. We look forward to helping you!