Duro-Shield Roofing System Over Existing Metal Roof

While metal roofs might offer lower upfront initial installation costs, that cost doesn’t factor in protection from temperature extremes, no-posure to the elements, along with rust and corrosion – all things that compromise your metal roof’s integrity. Unfortunately, metal roofs are susceptible to a number of problems that lead to leaks, larger repairs and maintenance budgets.

Metal Retrofit Over Existing Metal Roof

  • Metal Retro Fit - Parsons Roofing


  • “R” Panel
    “R” Panel
  • Standing Seam
    Standing Seam
  • *Standing Seam
    “R” Panel
*Installation of a Standing Seam Over “R” Panel metal retrofit roof can extend your warranty by 20 years.


  • No need to remove the old roof at a high cost.

  • No business interruption or possible weather damage and quick leak repairs.

  • Saves up to 70% of labor costs.

  • Requires only standard tools and fasteners.

  • Precision punched notches act as continuous template.

  • Punched pilot holes for rapid fastening into existing support structure.

  • Allows for easy upgrade from screwdown to standing seam roofing.

  • Insulation can be added to increase R-Value.

  • 45 Year material manufacturer’s finish warranty 10 year labor warranty.

  • Parsons can manufacture custom flashing to meet any application.