Glazers – Parsons Roofing


Bill Lyons – Glazers

I was very impressed with how Parsons Roofing rolled onto our site two days after Hurricane Ike hit and with the amount of personnel and equipment they had. Ike affected our business in a very negative way. Our business was shut down for seven days. Parsons on the other hand, affected our company in a positive manner. They installed roofs on three of our buildings quicker than I would have ever expected any roofing company to do. Their response time was extremely fast. Parsons Roofing is very professional, friendly, and responded quickly to our needs. I am very satisfied with their pace of work. My architect and insurance adjuster are very pleased with our roofs as well. It has been a very positive experience so far. They turned a negative situation into a positive one. I wouldn’t hesitate to call or recommend Parsons Roofing in the future.”